Young Adults


Calvary Community Church is blessed with a dynamic and innovative young adults ministry that is led by pastors on staff. This ministry focuses on teaching young adults to operate in servant-leadership and building the Kingdom of God in the local church and community. The young adults are regularly challenged to step out in faith through ministering to the children and teenagers in various capacities, testifying of God's goodness in their own lives, and proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ before the adult congregation. 

The young adults meet on flexible days for Bible study, for fellowship, where open discussion is always encouraged. The young adults sometimes go bowling together, attend Christian concerts and events, or meet at local shops or eateries for their Bible study and fellowship. Forming and strengthening covenant friendships between Christian young adults is a major focus of these meetings, and everyone is welcoming and ready to befriend anyone who wishes to join our group!  


For more information and to get involved, text: (210)-336-7227.