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In Luke 2:41, John 2:13, and John 2:23, we can see that Jesus kept the Passover throughout His earthly life and ministry. To be a "Christ-follower," we too must follow Him into this season of Passover. If we want to know Jesus, we must seek to know why He honored and celebrated the Passover. Taking the time to read through the Passover Readings is a great way to know Jesus more fully this year! When you read these passages over the coming week, ask the Holy Spirit to guide you into all truth and reveal a new glory of Jesus Christ to you through Bible study. Let's celebrate Passover with our Jewish brothers and sisters around the world! Remember, the Hebraic or Jewish heritage of your Bible and Savior is "the root" that supports you as a Christian (Romans 11:18)! Let's get back to our roots this week! (Reading schedule has the original OT readings and the NT readings have been added from Messianic Jewish communities as well.) Click the gold title above to get started!
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